Botox Anti Wrinkle Injectections

Soften the appearance of wrinkles that can appear around the eye and forehead area

The first step to your transformation is to attend a consultation with our dental practitioner.  ‘Botox’ or other wrinkle relaxing injection must be prescribed during consultation with a qualified health care professional such as prescriber nurse, or doctor/dental surgeon. Who has been properly trained in safe administration of Botox.

Your dental practitioner will decide if you can receive wrinkle relaxing injections and will then study your muscles to see how they work, and what treatment is appropriate.

Certain medical conditions or pregnancy/breastfeeding means this treatment is not recommended. This will assessed at your consultation.

Botox will be administrated using small injections into specific muscles in the face to temporarily relax them, soften facial expressions and help to reverse the sign of ageing. Botox relaxes facial muscles, frown and worry lines on the forehead and crow’s feet can be dramatically reduced.

The injections are relatively painless, and the treatment session will last around 15 minutes.  You can return to usual daily activities immediately afterwards-however we do not recommend, saunas, vigorous exercise, alcohol, rubbing the area or long periods of bending down/ lying down for 4-6 hours.

The effects of Botox begin to be seen around 2-4 days with full effect at 14 days.

Wrinkle relaxing or Botulinum toxin injections, best known as “BOTOX” are used to relax the muscles of the face. It is a good choice of anti-ageing treatment as when administered properly it provides  fast, natural looking results ,practically no down time and, more importantly not painful.

It lasts on average 3 months, with function gradually returning to normal after this time. After several treatments the effect is evident for longer periods of time (4-5 Months).

It has been used since 1980 for safely treating a variety of medical conditions.

Now more than 1 million patients worldwide have used Botox for over 10 years cosmetically, successfully treating facial lines and giving a younger appearance.


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See how botox can help you to reduce wrinkles & fine lines

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