Dental Treatments

We require a satisfactory assesment to be completed before any treatment is given

General Dentistry

At Macfarlane Dental Practice we believe a healthy mouth is key to a confident smile and prefer to take a proactive, preventive approach to dental care through regular dental check-ups and hygienist visits. Regular dental visits allow us to keep on top of your oral health and catch any potential problems sooner rather than later helping to reduce the need for more costly invasive treatments in the future. Digital dental x-rays are may be taken to help with these investigations. The use of digital x-rays not only provides us with an instant image but also produces significantly lower doses of radiation.

Dental Hygiene

Regular appointments with one of our highly trained dental hygienists and therapists are essential in maintaining a healthy mouth. At a hygienist appointment your teeth will be cleaned and polished to remove stains and build up and you will be given individually tailored advice on how best to maintain your oral hygiene at home through effective brushing and flossing. At the practice we also offer “Airflow” treatment for highly effective stain removal.

Whilst your dentist can identify and treat dental problems as they occur, regular hygienist appointments are important in helping the prevention of them arising.

Cfast Clear Aligners

Cfast is a discreet way of straightening your teeth using a series of custom made clear positioners which are each worn for around two weeks to gradually straighten your teeth in as little as 4 months.

The positioners are completely clear and are barely visible making this an ideal treatment for anyone wanting a straighter smile but is conscious about the metal brackets and wires that come with traditional fixed braces. The positioners are taken out for eating and tooth brushing.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the “gold standard” way of permanently replacing a missing tooth or several teeth in which a titanium dental implant is screwed into the jaw bone and after a period of healing is restored using a crown, bridge or denture to restore appearance and function.

At Macfarlane Dental Practice, our oral surgeon Dr Richard Wilson uses the BioHorizons dental implant system which offers a lifetime warranty and 99% success rate.

A dental implant consultation with Dr Wilson will establish if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants and if this is an option that you wish to pursue, further investigations such as intra-oral scans and cone-beam CT scans may be required to assist in planning your treatment.

Dental implant treatments are safe and minimally invasion procedures carried out usually under a local anaesthetic (similar to when having a filling done). During the placement of your dental implant a titanium dental implant is screwed into your jaw bone – sometimes additional materials such as bone grafting may need to help augment the area. Following a period of healing time – usually around three months, in which the implant integrates into your bone (known as osseo-integration), your implant can then be restored in a similar way to placing a dental crown, bridge or denture.


Dental veneers are a way of transforming and enhancing your smile by placing a fine custom-made porcelain shell over the tooth surface and can be used to alter the shade, shape or straightness of your teeth into your ideal smile. The process of preparing your teeth for dental veneers usually involves at least visits – at the first appointment your teeth will be prepared and impressions or an intra-oral scan will be recorded and sent to our dental laboratory who custom-make the veneers. Approximately two weeks later your dental veneers will be fitted and your new smile completed!

Crowns and bridges

In some cases a simple filling is not sufficient to mend your tooth and a dental crown may be a better option of restoring your tooth. A crown – sometimes also called a cap, is a strong cover that is placed over the remaining tooth surface to protect it from further damage, restore function and improve appearance of the tooth.
Dental bridges are a way of replacing missing teeth by “bridging” from the adjacent teeth. The process of placing a dental bridge is similar to placing a crown – the teeth either side of the space are prepared for the restoration which is fitted with additional teeth that fill the space and create the appearance of natural teeth.
At Macfarlane Dental Practice we provide a range of high quality crowns and bridgework produced only by our trusted dental laboratories for the best result possible.


Dental fillings are a way of repairing broken or decayed teeth. At Macfarlane Dental Practice we offer several types of fillings including composite tooth-coloured fillings and amalgam metal fillings using the highest quality materials. The tooth is prepared for the filling – often under local anaesthetic – and then rebuilt to the restore the shape, function and appearance of the tooth.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is an effective, non-invasive treatment that can improve your smile with minimal preparation of your natural teeth. Also known as composite veneers, the process involves “bonding” tooth-coloured filling material onto the front surface of the tooth to improve the appearance of your smile. At your consultation appointment we will discuss how you feel about your current smile and what you would like to achieve – for example, closing spaces, changing the shape or shade of your teeth, etc. The treatment is usually carried out over a single appointment and your new smile will be completed that day.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth bleaching is a safe and effective way of improving the shade and brightness of your smile. At Macfarlane Dental Practice we use an at home tooth whitening system. You will be given a bespoke bleaching kit including custom-made bleaching trays and a safe and effective dental bleaching gel to use at home overnight or for several hours at a time. Carried out daily the desired effect is usually achieved around two weeks later.


At Macfarlane Dental Practice we are able to provide both NHS and private orthodontics (braces). We hold an NHS contract for those patients under the age of 18 that meet the criteria set out by the NHS for free orthodontic treatment – these patients can be seen by referral to us from their registered general dental practitioner. For adults – and children who do not meet NHS criteria or simply wish to opt for private orthodontic treatment, the practice offers a range of orthodontic treatments including fixed braces (traditional metal or cosmetic brackets), removable appliances, clear aligners and retainers. Patients wishing to pursue orthodontic treatment will require assessment with our orthodontist to discuss all options available so that treatment is tailored to the individual requirements of every patient.


Missing teeth may lead to loss of confidence and reduced function. At Macfarlane Dental Practice we offer various types of both partial and full dentures including simple acrylic, flexible and chrome metal dentures. Dentures – sometimes also known as plates – are a simple yet effective removable solution to replace one or more teeth for patients not suitable for or choosing not to opt for implants or bridgework. To construct your bespoke denture several appointments (commonly four) are required, moulds of your teeth are taken and sent to one of our quality trusted dental laboratories and you will then be fitted with your new smile.