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October – November 2022 Feedback


  1. To find out if any improvements can be made to the service we provide.
  2. What our strengths and weaknesses are?

Data Source:

  • 53 completed random patient questionnaires.


  • A total of 53 patients were randomly selected over a two month period during the months of October and November and asked to partake in a survey.
  • The survey consisted of 10 questions which invited feedback from patients to make us aware from a patients experience that we meet the needs of KLOE expectations (CQC) :- are they safe, effective, caring, responsive to people’s needs and well led.


  1. How would you rate the friendliness of the reception staff when you arrive for your appointments?
    Very friendly, friendly or unfriendly.
  2. When you arrived at reception, did you experience any difficulty booking in?
    Yes or No. If yes, please explain.
  3. How long were you waiting to be seen at your appointment?
    10-20 minutes BEFORE schedule, On time, 5-10 minutes BEHIND schedule, More than 20 minutes BEHIND schedule, If you were kept waiting, were you informed of a delay?
  4. If you needed treatment, were your options discussed with you?
    Yes or No.
  5. Were you issued with a copy of your agreed treatment plan?
    Yes or No.
  6. Overall, how do you rate the quality of care you received today?
    Excellent, Good, Average or Poor.
  7. When you call the practice, do you ever have difficulties getting through?
    All the time, Sometimes, Rarely or Never.
  8. How do you find the atmosphere at the practice? Please comment…. How satisfactory do you find the waiting times for appointments?
    Very Good – I usually always get in soon for my preferred times, Good – there’s not a long wait for my preferred times, Poor – I often wait too long for appointments
  9. Are there any additional services, treatments or changes you would like to see at Macfarlane Dental Practice?
    Yes or  No


The response to this patient survey was on the whole very positive, with outstanding and very good attainment levels which indicate the practice is continuing to run smoothly and to a high standard; with comments of excellent pleasant staff, relaxed calm and professional, the atmosphere is wonderful it is very restful and puts me completely at ease, very relaxing very friendly staff beautifully furnished and a touch of class.

98% of patients rated the friendliness of the receptionist as being very friendly and 2% rated the receptionist as friendly.

100% of patients said they experienced no difficulties when booking in at reception. 85% of patients were either seen on time for their appointment or 10-20 minutes before schedule.

98% of patients said their treatment options were discussed with them and they were issued with a copy of an agreed treatment plan.

96% of patients rated the quality of care received as excellent and the remaining 4% of patients rated the service as good.

83% of patients said the waiting times for appointments were very good and the remaining 17% of patients said the waiting times were good.